Sir Theodore William Mortimer-Warren

Sir Theodore William Mortimer-Warren is the younger brother of Lord William Roger Mortimer-Warren, 10th Baron of Conisborough, and has a contentious reputation as an independently funded explorer. While he has undertaken a number of respectable expeditions abroad, his expeditions within the Blessed Isles have generally been illegal and without authoritative permission or aid from the Rangers. His most famous work is The Founding Of A Nation, which claims Swindon Village near Cheltenham was the scene of Edmund I’s capture.

NOTE: The affectation of the Mortimer family name by the Warrens of Conisbrough appeared shortly after the English Civil War, due to the family’s reported powers of second sight. The claimed relationship to the Royal House of Mortimer was debunked in the early eighteenth century but the name was maintained. Ironically, more recent genealogical research suggests that this family may be descended from the de Warrenes who share a male ancestor with the Mortimers.


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