The Otherworld Rangers

The Otherworld Rangers, colloquially just the Rangers, are employed and trained by Unnatural Resources (UR) to undertake work in the Otherworld. Before the creation of UR, this role was split over the Meteorological Office – Otherworld (MOO) and the Ordnance Survey Otherworld (OSO). The role has existed since the reign of Edmund I.

Rangers are trained in one of five basic scientific skillsets as well as Otherworld survival. They work in squads of ten that undertake close range reconnaissance trips on a regular basis as well as search and rescue in the Otherworld. The Rangers also organise the Expeditions, the longer range reconnaissance trips undertaken on a four-yearly basis. The work is dangerous and the rate of survival, or at least the rate of return to base, is low.

The role has been somewhat idealised over the centuries and the Ranger stereotype forms a key part of the action, horror, romance and erotica genres of entertainment.


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