Unnatural Resources

Unnatural Resources (UR) is a Blessed Isles Government sponsored body, which became operational in 2013 when it took over the management of all Otherworld related resources in the Blessed Isles. It was formed from a merger of the Meteorological Office – Otherworld (MOO), the Otherworld Commission (OC), the Otherworld Countryside Council (OCC), the Ordnance Survey Otherworld (OSO), and the Realities Agency (RA), and also assumed some other roles formerly undertaken by State, National and Local Government.

The body is split into several regions based on the recognised nations of the Blessed Isles with both the head office and Unnatural Resources England (URE) office being based in Swindon, Wiltshire.

UR responsibilities include:

  • Organise research and education on the Otherworld (formerly MOO, OCC, OSO)
  • Manage state, national and local common lands with a view to protecting the Otherworld connection (OC)
  • Protect Waypoints (OCC)
  • Protect Otherworld creatures found in the human reality (OCC)
  • Survey and map the Otherworld (OSO)
  • Reduce the impact of industry on the Otherworld (RA)
  • Enforce legislation related to the Otherworld (RA)
  • Advise on matters affecting or affected by the Otherworld (all)

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