Parish Wardens

Parish Wardens, sometimes referred to as just Wardens, are employed and trained by Unnatural Resources (UR) to monitor and protect the boundaries with the Otherworld on a local level. The current responsibilities were previously split between Local Government and the Otherworld Countryside Council (OCC). The Local Government aspect of the role began as an extension of the Churchwarden powers but separated in the nineteenth century.

Wardens generally work on their own or in pairs and are trained to undertake very basic observations on the location and strength of the boundary in a particular civil parish or township. They are rarely based in cities due to the Otherworld’s withdrawal from infrastructure and development. As parish boundaries are very close to the Otherworld boundary, Wardens are often given lead roles in ceremonies like Beating The Bounds.

As part of the former OCC requirements, Wardens are also expected to protect and monitor any waypoints and Otherworld-connected common lands in their jurisdiction. This is a responsibility that has been easily absorbed, unlike the former OCC requirements to protect creatures that cross the boundary and to prevent civilians from crossing into the Otherworld. More vocal critics of UR have suggested employing more Wardens or creating a separate task force.

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