Preservation Plantations

Preservation Plantations were a key part of the Romanticism movement and examples were planted across the Blessed Isles between 1775 and 1850. The intention was to recreate the natural, inspirational feel of lost ancient woodlands with a view to bringing back the Otherworld, although they were not located in places known to have lost woodland since the English Civil War.

However, the plantations were often near or total monocultures, included non-native species and, for obvious logistical reasons, were all of the same age – at least for the first hundred years while the sites established themselves. As well as these ecological failures, the plantations also failed to bring the Otherworld forward in these locations.

The Unnatural Resources continues to monitor these sites, many of which are under private ownership, in order to confirm whether the Otherworld may return over time as the plantations become better established and more varied.


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