Located in Wiltshire, the site referred to as Stonehenge contains a short avenue, a circular earthwork, a ring of standing stones and a number of burial mounds in a landscape of more avenues and stone circles and burial mounds. It has been a point of worship for an estimated eight thousand years. As a result, it is the most famous most powerful man-made waypoint into the Otherworld in the modern era.

The heart of the structure, the true henge and stone circle, were fenced off in 1977 due to a combination of damage by casual tourists who wanted to take pieces of the stone ring home with them and the number of people lost while admiring the stones. The fence is low enough to allow viewing of the circle but the site is guarded by Rangers and special legislation was put through the English Parliament prior to the fencing being erected to give them the power to shoot first and ask questions later. However, the site is fully open for 72 hours at each Solstice and Equinox despite campaigning by the Christian right wing to outlaw various heathen and pagan religions, and access to monuments for their followers.

Since access became controlled, the number of missing persons associated with Stonehenge has dropped significantly from an average of fifty a year to two or three. The number of abandoned babies found on site has dropped from a maximum of five in a year to a maximum of five in a decade. (Please see The Changeling Effect for connections between foundlings and the Otherworld.)


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