Great Britain

Great Britain is both the largest island in the Blessed Isles archipelago and a former kingdom.

The island of Great Britain, also referred to as Britain, contains the modern nations of England, Scotland and Wales.

The Kingdom of Great Britain was formed following the ascension of William III of Orange in 1689 under the Treaty of Union of the same year, which formally united the Kingdoms of England and Scotland, which were in a personal union (see Union Of The Crowns), along with Ireland, which was in a separate personal union with England, and a number of the lesser islands that had already been subsumed by the two crowns. In order for the Treaty to take effect, both Scotland and England passed the Acts of Union eleven years later in 1700 (Union with Scotland Act and Union with England Act) once hostilities had been brought to an end.

The kingdom was legally replaced by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland following the 1801 Acts of Union.


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