The Union Of The Crowns

The Union of the Crowns (in Scottish Gaelic Aonadh nan Crùintean and in Scots English Union o the Crouns) was the accession of James I of England and Ireland to the throne of Scotland in 1597, as James VI.

Despite the efforts of James and his parents, Edmund VI and Mary I, before him, England and Scotland remained resistant to the idea of an imperial throne of Great Britain and the union first signified in the marriage of Edmund Mortimer and Mary Stuart remained a personal, dynastic union until the arrival of William of Orange in 1689.

Ironically, the Parliamentarians who offered William the combined thrones of Great Britain were, from a political standpoint, the same Parliamentarians who resisted the efforts of three generations of the House of Mortimer to unite the thrones as one, starting the English Civil Wars in the 1640s and causing the Interregnum period of the 1680s. The Royalist faction accepted terms in 1700.


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