Dragons are large, scaled Otherworld creatures with a ridge of feathers along their spine. The few sightings recorded suggest that exact shape, colour and size varies significantly. They are known to be territorial, solitary and of uncertain temperament. As with unicorns, their spirit form is considered to be very human like.

While their looks and behaviour influenced the European version of the dragon myths, there are a lot of differences between the folkloric version and the Otherworld reality. The Otherworld dragon could more correctly be called a wyvern, having only two legs. While they all have wings or wing-like limbs, these may be feathered, scaled or just skin, and can be even be vestigal, like a tyrannosaurid’s arms. Smaller dragons with proportionally large wings can fly but this doesn’t seem to be common. Typical specimens are red, copper, gold or yellow coloured. White versions have been sighted, which may have been albino but records are unclear, and seem to survive better in chalk lands.

Rangers will often joke about whether Otherworld chickens (i.e. dragons) really do taste like chicken. It is unlikely that anyone alive knows due to them being a protected species and extremely rare, with an average incidence of sighting once every fifty years in the Unnatural Resources records. These records also suggest that dragon blood confers both second sight and the Allergy. Dragon breath, while not fiery, appears to knock out the victim and may spread disease if the individual is either not bitten or survives the initial biting attack. It has been theorised that this relates to rotting meat trapped between the creatures’ teeth.


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