Expeditions are long range, long term reconnaissance trips undertaken by the Rangers on a four-yearly cycle. They typically last six to eighteen months and are generally framed as finding an Otherworld route between two locations in our reality. The geography in the Otherworld does not shift, so explored routes remain the same (with allowance for natural processes and events) but the distances and geography bare little relation to the routes covered in our own reality. Running out of provisions or dying of exposure (see: Seasons and Weather) is a very real possibility. Further more, the relations with Otherworld wildlife groups are not always cordial or helpful. The rate of survival, or at least the rate of return to base, is low.

Expeditions, or something very similar, have been taking place since the creation of the Ranger role during the reign of Edmund I and the first Expedition is usually considered to be the first Mortimer King’s escape. However, scientific methods were not applied to the undertaking until the 17th Century and a regular schedule did not come into being until the early 19th Century.

List Of Expeditions

This list is not complete and will be added to. Not all of the older entries on the following list are verified and are only roughly dated or located.

1405 Windsor Castle, England to Swindon, England
1832 Glastonbury, England to Swindon, England
1836 Stonehenge, England to Swindon, England
1840 Stonehenge, England to Glastonbury, England
1844 Swindon, England to Stirling, Scotland
1848 Oxford, England to Swindon, England
1868 Glasgow, Scotland to Dublin, Ireland
1876 Foula, Shetlands to Stirling, Scotland
1884 Hugh Town, Isles of Scilly to Ramsey, Isle of Man
1892 Exeter, England to St Kilda, Scotland
1904 Cardiff, Wales to Chausey, Channel Islands
2016 Kópakonan sculpture, Faireys to Ramsey, Isle of Man


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