Earldom of Fairey

The Earldom of Fairey consists of an island group of the same name (alternatively titled the Faroes, in Faroese Føroyar, in Danish Færøerne, and in Norwegian Færøyene). The geographic title “Earldom of Fairey” dates from their acquisition and recognition as a nation under the Blessed Isles state in 1946. It does not relate to any extent titles of nobility.

These islands have been settled in three waves, the first taking place in the 5th and 6th Centuries AD, followed by another wave in the 7th and 8th, and then better-recorded Norse settlement during the 9th Century. The second wave was Gaelic speaking but may have been Irish, Scottish or both. The nationality or culture of the first wave is cause for significant debate in some quarters and may have been Pictish. The native and first language is Faroese, which has been a useful tool for reviving the sibling tongue Norn.

To date, the Faireys have the Northern-most known boundaries with the Otherworld.


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