Lordship of Man

The Lordship of Man, or Mann, is a nation centred on the Isle of Man and the seasonally inhabited Calf of Man, Chicken Rock and its lighthouse, St Patrick’s Isle and St Michael’s Isle. The Isle of Man itself is virtually equidistant from the four main nations (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales) of the Blessed Isles and there are semi-regular calls – usually facetious – to reseat centralised Government in this centralised position.

The culture of Man is Hiberno-Norse, with a strong tendency to the “Celtic” side of this combination. The native language is a form of Gaelic. Manx was virtually extinct at the creation of the Blessed Isles state in 1946 but remained in use through common words and phrases in the local English. In 1992, the language regained its place as the nation’s first language.

The Isle of Man, and thus the Lordship, is strongly associated with Manannán mac Lir, or locally Mannan beg mac y Leir, and the Otherworld location of Emain Ablach, or the Isle of Apples. Research and Expeditions have shown that the two locations are not the same.


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